• Restin robotic massage chair in the game room at the Tyson's Corner location
  • Uber Offices member relaxing in a massage chair
  • Massage Chairs in the media room at the Dupont location
  • Uber Offices members talk while relaxing in the massage chairs.
  • Uber Offices member relaxes in a massage chair at the Bethesda, MD location


Washington, D.C.


February 21, 2014


Rental Massage Chairs

About This Project

Uber Offices is a leading provider of shared office space catering to start ups, technology companies and small businesses. Their locations are known for the bright, fun atmosphere and cool amenities. Uber Offices recently contracted with Restin to provide robotic massage chairs for all of their locations. They pay a low monthly fee and the massage chairs have quickly become a favorite feature among members and a selling point for the brand. The impact is documented in this case study.