Case Study: Uber Offices

Perfect Fit for Shared Office Space Provider

A leading provider of shared office space in Washington DC, hundreds of startups, small businesses, and non-profits call UberOffices home. All four Uber Offices locations feature cool amenities like arcade games, free Red Bull, and modern tech inspired interiors.

With UberOffices members often working long hours, providing free on-demand massage therapy is a big value add for the community. When giving tours to prospective new members, UberOffice staff always make sure to point out the massage chairs as a favorite amenity. A few months after Restin installed massage chairs at all four UberOffices locations, we polled the members to measure impact. The results were resoundingly positive. See below.


89% of UberOffices staff and members use the massage chairs.



The massage chairs received an average rating of 4.32 out of 5 from users.


94% of members and staff report the massage chairs have a positive impact on how they feel about UberOffices.




Indifferent / no impact




“Thanks for having these – super distinctive amenity and not trivial in our decision with so many other attributes comparable to other locations.”

“The massage chairs are great. Each time my back hurts I can use them and feel better. That makes me have a super positive feeling about my workplace.”

“I have discovered the massage chair room is an excellent place to have 15 minute meetings with essentially built in timers.”

About UberOffices

“Raymond Rahbar, founder and CEO of UberOffices, sees huge potential in fluid office spaces — which is why he and his team are snatching up desirable real estate left and right. 

When he opened the first UberOffices location in July of 2012, he couldn’t predict how popular it would become. But, when the space filled up and stayed packed on a daily basis, he knew it was time to expand. The UberOffices Tysons location is twice the size of Rosslyn and the Dupont Circle space is almost 40,000 square feet. Clearly, demand is robust.”

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#TBT to our grand opening in #BethesdaCorner this past May! #LoveWhereYouWork

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Quick massage and update on the world during your workday? #UberOffices members enjoy it! #LoveWhereYouWork

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